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Ankle Surgery

Are you having severe ankle pain? Are you unable to walk or stand without help or a walking aid, such as a cane?

If standing up or taking a step causes you severe pain in your ankle, you may need ankle surgery to fully restore your ability to move.

Dr. Andrew Ebert is a board-certified surgeon in Austin, TX, who specializes in advanced ankle surgery and can get you back on your feet.

Advanced care is nearby. Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin has offices in Cedar Park, Lakeway, and Austin, TX.

Our ankle surgeon, Dr. Ebert, is fluent in Spanish.

Is Ankle Pain Common?

Extremely. According to a study by the Journal of Athletic Training (JAT):

23,000 people in the US injure their ankle every day.  72% of these people are unable to maintain previous levels of activity afterwards.

If ankle pain from an injury or a condition such as arthritis is not getting better with medication or physical therapy, contact us online to schedule a surgical consultation with Dr. Ebert today, at our Cedar Park, Lakeway, and Austin, TX, offices. He can help you get your quality of life back.

Untreated Ankle Pain Can Lead to Serious Issues


An old injury, an untreated sprain, or an untreated torn ligament in your ankle can lead to life-long complications such as arthritis and chronic instability. An untreated turned ankle can even cause painful bunions on your big toes and affect the positioning of your foot. Contact Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin today if you are suffering from ankle joint pain. 

The Care You Need From a Surgeon, You Can Trust

It is the mission of all our surgeons at Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin to provide the least-invasive treatment options possible through the use of the latest in orthopedic technology. However, if surgery is necessary, you want an orthopedic specialist you can trust to give you the best outcome. 

All our orthopedic surgeons in the Austin, TX, area are board-certified and fellowship-trained. Our patients can be confident in their treatment plan knowing it is the best solution for them and the best way for them to heal.

If you have suffered an ankle injury, or are in chronic pain, contact Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin to request an appointment with our foot and ankle specialist Dr. Ebert.

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Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin uses the latest orthopedic surgery techniques and non-invasive treatments to get you back on your feet again.

5-Star Reviews from Austin, TX, Area Patients


Loritta Bledsoe


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Dr cutlet took the time to explain the process of hip replacement and the robotics used He made my daughter and I very comfortable and confident with the procedure my daughter and granddaughter also will be having surgeries by these drs I would recommend them to anyone

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Richard Penn


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Dr. Gregory Catlett is the best hands down. You cannot find a better doctor for knee replacement. This doctor is a polished professional that can do what he says that he can do. You will not go wrong with Doctor Catlett. He is the best by far.

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Ankle Surgery Procedures

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This minimally invasive surgery uses a small camera, inserted through an incision, to examine ankle joint and tissue damage caused by injury or arthritis. Fractures, infections, and tears can be treated through the incision, as well. Recovery from arthroscopy is quicker than more complex surgical treatments.

Ankle Joint Replacement

If an ankle joint has been severely damaged by arthritis, total joint replacement surgery may be needed. Dr. Ebert will work with our joint replacement specialists to create a personalized treatment plan that will get you back to normal as quickly as possible, once a high-tech prosthetic ankle joint is in place.

Explore Ankle Replacement
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Ankle Fracture Surgery

A fractured ankle bone can be extremely painful and cause swelling, bruising, and mobility issues. Dr. Ebert will use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to locate your fractured bone and create a customized treatment plan to repair it with surgery.

What Is Ankle Surgery Recovery Like?


This depends on your procedure. For minimally invasive procedures, you may only experience swelling or pain that can be managed with ice packs and medication. More complex procedures may require the use of crutches and wearing a cast for several weeks. Dr. Ebert will discuss recovery instructions with you during your ankle surgery consultation.

The Process Of Ankle Arthroscopy

This is one of the most minimally-invasive surgical options to treat arthritis, fractures, bone spurs, and torn ligaments in the ankle. It is a preferred method as it requires small incisions and provides a quicker recovery.
Patients can expect a faster recovery, minimal scarring, and a reduced risk of surgical infection through ankle arthroscopy
Patients can expect a faster recovery, minimal scarring, and a reduced risk of surgical infection through ankle arthroscopy


You will be put under general anesthesia for this surgery to ensure you are fully asleep and comfortable for the entire procedure.


Once you are asleep, our surgeon will create two or more small incisions along the ankle. 


An arthroscope containing a small camera will be inserted through one of the incisions. This gives the surgeon a full view of the ankle without having to create any larger incisions.


Surgical tools will be used through one of the other incisions to remove infected tissue, shave down bone, repair tendon damage, and more. Once your repairs have been made, our surgeon will suture the incisions closed.


Arthroscopy recovery is quicker than traditional methods, however, it can still take several months to fully heal. Your recovery results can vary based on your overall health and level of physical activity. Physical therapy is typically needed to properly and fully rehabilitate your ankle.

More Happy Patients In Austin, TX


Edna Lynn Porter


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I've ha2surgeries Dr. Ebert - foot and ankle, and Dr. Catlett for hip replacement. Both great doctors and great surgeons. Very happy I went to them for those problems.

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Vanessa Gustafson


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My experience at Orthopaedic Specialists has been positive (Guadalupe location). Dr. Ebert performed tendon repair surgery on my ankle and after 4 months the surgery appears to be successful! Dr. Ebert and his staff are caring and compassionate. His staff is available if needed between appointments. The office staff is efficient and I’ve never waited more than 15 minutes for my appointments.

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