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Every year, we each walk more than one million steps, thanks to every part of the ankle and lower leg. The respective muscles and tendons work together to manage the pressure placed on the foot with each step. For instance, the ankle is composed of two joints: the subtalar joint and the true ankle joint. Responsible for the up-and-down motion of the foot, the true ankle joint is composed of three bones: the tibia, fibula, and talus. The second part of the ankle, the subtalar joint, consists of the talus and calcaneus, and facilitates side-to-side motion of the foot. Within the ankle are four ligaments: the anterior tibiofibular, lateral collateral, deltoid, and syndesmotic.

Fortunately, more than 95 percent of all foot, heel, and ankle pain will heal naturally. For the cases that require foot and ankle surgery or other treatment, our Austin specialist, Dr. Andrew Ebert, is here to recommend the most ideal course. In accordance with our practice philosophy, he believes in pursuing the least invasive option for an orthopedic problem. We encourage you to take a look at the services that Dr. Ebert provides at Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin.

"Thank you so very much for all you have done for me.  Really there are no words to express my gratitude for helping me to walk again."

Common Forms of Foot and Ankle Surgery

Occasionally, physical therapy, medication, and preventive care will not suffice to get you back on your feet. Dr. Ebert is experienced in the latest surgical techniques as well, including minimally invasive surgery, arthroscopy, joint replacement, fusions, osteotomies, ringed external fixation, and complex conditions. Below are some common forms of foot and ankle surgery that he performs, following a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis in Austin.

Common Foot and Ankle Surgery Conditions

Regarding foot and ankle surgery, Dr. Ebert treats the following conditions at Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin:

Achilles Tendonitis
The Achilles tendon is the largest in the body, connecting your calf muscles to the heel bone. When the tendon is inflamed from overuse and degeneration, swelling and pain may occur.
Broken Ankle
A broken ankle occurs when one or more bones making up the ankle joint are severed, either as a result of twisting the ankle, falling, rolling, or trauma.
These painful enlargements appear on the joint of the big toe. They may be genetic or result from ill-fitting shoes.
Foot/Ankle Arthritis
This results with age, literally meaning “pain within a joint.”
Heel Fracture
This refers to the bone in the back of the foot, known as the heel bone. These breaks occur from high-energy injuries as a result of falling.
Heel Pain
This pain radiates from behind the heel, a sign that the Achilles tendon is inflamed. Skin may even redden, swell, and hurt with the slightest application of pressure. It can happen from running too much or wearing ill-fitting shoes.
Lateral Ankle Pain
This refers to chronic pain on the outer side of the ankle. It typically occurs after incomplete healing after a sprain.
Morton's Neuroma
This condition refers to a pinched nerve in between toes, which can be increasingly painful when wearing tight-fitting shoes.
Plantar Fasciitis
Marked by pain in the bottom of the heel. This condition arises when too much pressure is placed on the feet.
Sprained Ankle
This common injury occurs when a ligament stretches beyond its normal range into an abnormal position. In severe cases, tearing occurs.
Talus Fracture
This affects the small bone between the heel and the lower leg bones. It is often caused by falling from great heights or vehicle accidents. 

Learn More about Foot and Ankle Surgery

Dr. Andrew Ebert looks forward to facilitating your recovery, whether through medication or minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery. We welcome residents of Austin, Travis County, and Central Texas. Please contact our friendly staff to schedule a consultation at Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin!

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