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Patient Spotlight:
Steve Robinson

December 13, 2023


After suffering a broken ankle years ago, rancher Steve Robinson was unfortunately living with the pain and discomfort in his right ankle.

Robinson had been active throughout his life, whether it was in sports or working on the ranch. He continued to compete in team roping competitions while working as a rancher, but Robinson remembered, "My ankle became very painful and developed a lot of arthritic change and weakness, making day to day activity a bit slower."

The pain and discomfort in his ankle was affecting Robinson's active lifestyle. Wanting to find relief, a friend of his recommended Dr. Andy Ebert, a foot and ankle orthopedic specialist with Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin. Dr. Ebert said, "Subsequent to his prior trauma years ago, Steve had been living with an arthritic painful ankle for years. It limited his ability to do the things he enjoyed and stay engaged with his loved ones."

Robinson went in for his first appointment in July of 2021. "I was a bit anxious," Robinson remembered. "But by the time I left Dr. Ebert's office, I felt at ease. He took his time with me and was not in a hurry. He was interested in me, my situation, and goals."

After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Ebert explained to Steve that, "He was a excellent candidate for a total ankle arthroplasty. Modern designs allow us to customize the implant to each individual patient and to implant them using less invasive techniques."

Steve had total ankle surgery in January of 2022 and has been able to work on the ranch and continue competing in team roping competitions with less pain. Dr. Ebert shared, "I was proud to have had the privilege to be Steve's doctor and thrilled to see how fantastic and impactful the results have been for him!"

Steve is grateful to Dr. Ebert, sharing, "I couldn't be happier that I found Dr. Ebert. He helped me get back to living without feeling pain in my ankle."

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