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Top 3 Reasons to Fix Foot Ankle Problems

September 27, 2021

Close up on man's feet in athletic shoes as he grasps ankle in pain
According to Health In Aging, 87% of Americans experience frequent pain in their feet or heels. It's actually quite easy to injure your feet or ankles. You have twenty-six bones, 100 tendons, and thirty-three joints in your feet. Anything from unsupportive shoes to stress injuries can permanently diminish your mobility.

Foot surgery can make everyday life more enjoyable by restoring comfort and function to you foot. Orthopaedic Specialists of Austinis here to shed light on this fact. Our surgeons in Austin, TX, can show you how your life can change for the better once you address the root cause of the problem.

3 Ways Foot Surgery Can Improve Quality of Life

  • Improve Foot and Ankle Function. No more wondering if you can complete a certain action or task. Now you just do it.
  • Identify injuries or Habits That Hold You Back. Surgery can correct any alignment issues and show you where the problem began in the first place.
  • Prevent Further Damage. That minor twinge you feel at the moment could become a major impairment later in life if it's not taken care of now.

Are you ready to take your next steps without worrying about how you might feel after? Our Austin, TX, office has more to share on how foot surgery can help you go further than you ever thought possible. Let's expand on these points.

Improve Your Overall Foot and Ankle Function

Do you have trouble walking, standing, or exercising? Do you avoid going to certain places because you worry that the journey might be too far or the terrain might be too rough?

Foot surgery will correct the problems that keep you from trusting in your own abilities, and help you readjust your expectations of your feet. Are you going to run in the Olympics? Probably not. But you won't fear strolling sandy beaches or cobblestone streets anymore either.

Identify Injuries or Habits That Are Holding You Back

Your mom was right all along: sitting on your feet and ankles will damage them. The same can be said for high heels and cheap running shoes. All of these are common practices to see, and they probably contribute to the number of Americans with foot and ankle issues.

Folding your ankles under you when you sit or wearing shoes with poor support might not seem like a big deal, but it can lead to compressed nerves, swelling, tendon damage, chronic sprains, and more. Schedule a consultation to find out if you could be accidentally injuring yourself and what treatment may be ideal.

Prevent Further Damage

If you think that slight pang is nothing to worry about, think again. It might actually be an early warning sign of something more serious. Sure, today it's only a dull sensation in your feet, but in a few years, it could be nerve damage. A little swelling that you can't find a cause for now could signal serious mobility problems in the future. Your feet are not something that you should ever leave to chance.

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The next step in your health journey can begin with a single phone call. Our office in Austin, TX, is standing by to answer any questions you may have and guide you on your way to better foot and ankle health. Call us today at (512) 476-2830 or send our caring, compassionate staff a message to book your consultation.