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Spine Surgery

Chronic back pain can affect every aspect of your life and reduce your ability to perform simple daily activities.

At Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin, we offer comprehensive treatment of the spine and can design a personalized plan to treat your issues.

How could spine surgery help you?

Illustration of back in blue with spine highlighted red

Restore Your Health & Quality of Life

Reduce Chronic Pain

If you have struggled with chronic back pain, minimally invasive spinal surgery with one of our specialists may offer the relief you need to return to your daily life.

Improve Physical Fitness

Back pain can interfere with movement and your ability to maintain a physical fitness routine. By addressing the source of your pain, we can improve your ability to exercise for a better quality of life.

Personalized Treatment

Our specialists offer a wide range of services, from conservative to surgical, allowing them to tailor treatment to suit your unique needs and concerns.

Traditional vs. minimally invasive spine surgery incisions

Aligning Your Needs with Our Treatment

Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin offers comprehensive treatment of the spine. Whether you require a back brace, injection, or complex spine surgery, Dr. Robert Josey and Dr. Michael Moghimi will work to develop the best treatment plan for your orthopedic condition. Like the rest of the OSA team, our spine surgeons believe in providing each patient with customized and thorough care. So if your musculoskeletal difficulty stretches beyond the scope of spine surgery or treatment at our Austin practice to another region of the body, our appropriate hand/wrist/elbowfoot/ankletotal joint replacementshoulder, or knee/hip doctor(s) will be able to help.

Spine Surgery Procedures

Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin features state-of-the-art facilities, where patients can seek a multitude of orthopedic services, such as spine surgery. Through the guidance of Dr. Josey & Dr. Moghimi, our Austin-based spine specialists, we offer:

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery:
 Minimally invasive surgery significantly reduces the muscle and tissue damage, lengthy hospital stay, prolonged recovery time, and scarring that are associated with traditional surgery. It is performed using endoscopic techniques.
Endoscopic procedures:
 This involves the insertion of a thin, long instrument, or endoscope, retrofitted with a camera, through small incisions to “view” the inside of your body on a monitor. After the procedure is performed, the incisions are closed with sutures.
 This entails the surgical removal of part of the intervertebral disc, which can apply painful pressure to the spinal cord or nerves.
 This surgical procedure relieves pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots. It is commonly performed for patients with injuries, herniated discs, tumors, or age-related changes in the spine.
 This procedure addresses bone deformities and relieves pain associated with spinal compression fractures. It is done by inserting a tube into the desired vertebra and inflating a balloon within. Cement is injected into the created cavity, the balloon is removed, and the cement hardens.
Scoliosis Treatment:
 This may entail exercise, hormone replacement or physical therapy, increasing certain vitamin intake, bracing, pain medication, or a type of lumbar fusion therapy.
Disc Replacement:
 This surgery involves removing a damaged spinal disc and replacing it with an artificial one.
Spinal fusion:
 This major surgery serves to stabilize sections of the spine. The doctors can connect vertebrae and secure them in the desired position, which ultimately will allow them a chance to fuse.
Removal of spinal tumors:
 This may or may not involve the removal of any bone that has been damaged by the tumor, in which case it will also be necessary to reinforce the spine.
Computer navigation techniques:
 Dr. Josey & Dr. Moghimi  use the latest in computer technology to “see” inside the joints, ensuring accuracy during surgery.
 Our doctors may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, or other medication to help you.
 A proper rehabilitation program is essential to recovery from back injury or surgery.
 Used to alleviate back pain from herniated discs or joints, epidural steroids or facet joint injections are injected directly in the problem area for the purpose of calming inflammation around the nerves. Lower extremity injections can also help Dr. Josey and Dr. Moghimi determine the source of your back pain.
Back and Neck Braces:
 External structural support in the form of braces may benefit your spinal disorder or deformity. These represent a safe, non-invasive treatment option.
"Thank you so very much for all you have done for me.  Really there are no words to express my gratitude for helping me to walk again."

Spine Surgery Conditions

Adept in the medical and surgical treatment of the spine, Dr. Josey & Dr. Moghimi are able to treat numerous spine conditions of the cervical, lumbar, and thoracic regions of the back. Their expertise in spine surgery at Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin spans the areas of trauma, degenerative conditions, spinal deformity, tumors, and infection.

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Compression Fractures
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Herniated Disc (Thoracic/lumbar)
  • Intervertebral Cages
  • Low Back Pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
  • Scheuermann's Kyphosis
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spinal Tumors
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spondylolysis
  • Trauma

Diagnostic Testing

The most ideal treatment begins with a prompt and precise diagnosis. When more than a physical exam is needed, Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin will determine whether a form of spine surgery at our Austin practice is appropriate. We employ the following advanced diagnostic tests and radiological imaging:

  • Bone Scan
  • CT Scan
  • Discogram
  • Electromyogram (EMG)
  • Facet Joint Block
  • Lab Test
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Myelogram
  • Spinal Tap
  • Somatosensory Evoked Potential (SSEP)
  • X-Ray
Our team

Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin

At Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin, we have a team of board-certified specialists who can treat a wide range of conditions. Our specialists use the most advanced techniques to provide minimally invasive treatment options.

For more information about our services, contact our office online or call (512) 476-2830 today.

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