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Spine Surgery

Chronic back pain can affect your ability to perform even the simplest daily activities.

If minimally invasive techniques haven't been able to relieve your chronic back pain, spine surgery may help

At Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin, we offer comprehensive treatment of the spine and can design a personalized plan to treat your issues.

Multiple Treatments Offered at One Location

Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin in Cedar Park, and Lakeway, and Austin, TX, offers a range of effective spine treatment options. Whether you require a back brace, steroid injections, or complex spine surgery, Dr. Robert Josey and Dr. Michael Moghimi will work to develop the best treatment plan for your orthopedic spine condition. 

Conditions That Can Be Improved With Spine Surgery

Several areas of trauma, degenerative conditions, spinal deformities, tumors, and infections of the cervical, lumbar, and thoracic regions of the spine can be treated with spine surgery. Here are some of the conditions our surgeons treat on a regular basis:

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis
  • Compression Fractures
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Herniated Disc (Thoracic/lumbar)
  • Intervertebral Cages
  • Low Back Pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction
  • Scheuermann's Kyphosis
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spinal Tumors
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spondylolysis

Receive Personalized Treatment From a Specialist Request a Consultation Today

Our specialists offer a wide range of services, from conservative care to complex surgical procedures, allowing them to tailor your treatment to suit your unique needs and concerns.

Every surgeon at our practice is a board-certified specialist. Choosing to work with a specialist places you in the care of a surgeon who performs the surgery you need more regularly than a general orthopedic surgeon, giving them constant training to maintain and improve their craft. If you need spine surgery, Dr. Robert Josey and Dr. Michael Moghimi can create a personalized plan that works for your needs.

Contact us online or call to request a consultation at one of our Austin, Lakeway, or Cedar Park, TX, offices:

(512) 476-2830

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Our experienced orthopedic surgeons perform several surgeries a day.

Patients in the Austin, TX, Area Have High Praise for Our Surgeons


Ashley Day


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Dr. Michael is not only an extraordinary surgeon, he is an incredible human being who is humble, compassionate, and as down to earth as you would ever expect. We all love him. Thank you for being the change we need in this world! - Manuel Santillan

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Nancy Morphis


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I just went through my 3rd spine surgery with Dr. Josey. I have a family history of back issues so unfortunately I’m a frequent flyer. You cannot find a more compassionate and knowledgeable doctor who is willing to spend the time it takes to address any issues or concerns that arise. 

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How We Diagnose Your Condition Using Advanced Technology

An ideal treatment begins with a prompt and precise diagnosis. When more than a physical exam is needed for diagnosis, the Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin can employ the following advanced diagnostic tests and radiological imaging technologies to determine whether a form of spine surgery at our Austin, TX, practice is appropriate.

  • Bone Scan
  • CT Scan
  • Discogram
  • Electromyogram (EMG)
  • Facet Joint Block
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • Myelogram
  • Spinal Tap
  • Somatosensory Evoked Potential (SSEP)
  • X-Ray

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery with our Austin, TX, practice can reduce muscle and tissue damage, shorten hospital stays and recovery times, and minimize the scarring associated with surgery.

We use conservative endoscopic techniques to perform this minimally invasive surgery.
We use conservative endoscopic techniques to perform this minimally invasive surgery.


We'll use anesthesia to make the procedure comfortable and to calm any worries you have going into surgery. Since this is an extensive surgery, we likely will recommend general anesthesia, which will keep you in a sleep state for the duration of your treatment.

Small Incision

The first step in the endoscopic surgical process is creating a small incision to provide access for the tools and camera. This incision will be small enough to cause minimal scarring. 

Inserting the Camera

The endoscopic technique uses a long, thin instrument called an endoscope, retrofitted with a camera, to view the inside of your body on a monitor.

Performing the Surgery

Your spine surgeon will perform surgery using small tools and computerized navigational techniques to provide conservative treatment and ensure accuracy.

Closing the Incision

Once the procedure is finished, the incision will be closed with sutures. Your spine surgeon will provide detailed instructions for the recovery process and schedule follow-up visits as necessary. 

We Offer Various Treatments  For Various Problems

Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin features state-of-the-art facilities where patients can seek a wide variety of orthopedic services, including spine surgery. Our Austin, TX, spine surgeons perform the following treatments using minimally invasive endoscopic techniques:


A discectomy removes parts of the intervertebral discs that apply painful pressure to the spinal cord or nerves. Our doctors can also perform disc replacement surgery to remove a damaged spinal lumbar or cervical disc and replace it with an artificial one.

Learn More About Discectomy


This surgical procedure relieves pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots. It is commonly performed for patients with injuries, herniated discs, tumors, or age-related changes in the spine.

More Information About Laminectomy


This procedure addresses bone deformities and relieves pain associated with spinal compression fractures. It is performed by inserting a tube into the desired vertebra and inflating a balloon within. A cement-like substance is injected into the created cavity, the balloon is removed, and the substance hardens.

Read More About Kyphoplasty

Spinal Fusion

This surgery serves to stabilize sections of the spine. The spine surgeon connects the vertebrae and secures them in the desired position, allowing the bones a chance to fuse.

More on Spinal Fusion

Removal of Spinal Tumors

Tumors can cause pain, neurological problems, and even paralysis if they progress, but our doctors can perform tumor removal surgery. This may or may not involve the removal of any bone that has been damaged by the tumor, in which case it may also be necessary to reinforce the spine.

Get in Touch for More Information

Scoliosis Treatment

We encourage patients to keep up with nonsurgical treatments, such as exercise, hormone replacement, physical therapy, medication, or bracing, but if needed, we can perform lumbar fusion therapy to treat scoliosis.

Explore Scoliosis Treatment

"Brilliant, kind, and meticulous." Gratitude From Our Patients in the Austin, TX, Area


Kaley Lilley


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Dr. Josey is not only super smart (he found a bulging disc that two other ortho surgeons missed), but he has a great bedside manner. His personability and the fact that he doesn’t seem “cut happy” is a rarity in the orthopedic field. He took his time with me and made me feel like he actually cared. I highly recommend Dr. Josey!

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Sandra Bryant


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Dr Heinrich is a brilliant, kind, and meticulous meticulous surgeon, who even designed the prosthetic for the knees. He quickly got me back on the dance floor after surgery, and discovered a bulging disc and then referred me to Dr Moghimi, who was able to address the issue non surgically. The doctors and staff provide the best quality care and results with minimally invasive surgery. I highly recommend Orthopedic Specialists of Austin.

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Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin

At Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin, we have a team of board-certified specialists who can treat a wide range of conditions. Our specialists use the most advanced techniques to provide minimally invasive treatment options.

For more information about our services, contact our office online or call (512) 476-2830 today.

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