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Hip Surgery

When your hip is damaged by injury, osteoarthritis, or age, the pain can be severe and your ability to walk and enjoy life can be limited.

Hip replacement surgery at Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin can help you once again perform your daily activities and exercises pain-free.

Our board-certified doctors in Austin, TX, can give you back your mobility, eliminate your pain, and restore your quality of life.

Advanced Surgery to Replace Your Hip Joint

artificial hip joint
Depending on your needs, the team at our Austin, TX, practice might recommend replacing your injured hip with an artificial hip joint. This can be done during outpatient hip replacement surgery at one of our fully equipped surgical centers.

Meet Our Hip Replacement Specialists Experienced Surgeons For Your Joint Replacement

David Dodgin, M.D.

Dr. Dodgin is our hip and knee replacement specialist. He uses the latest in computer and robotic technology to perform replacement surgery on the hip. Since 2004, his national teaching programs have helped other surgeons learn about anterior hip replacement surgery.

Learn More About Dr. Dodgin

Gregory E. Catlett Jr., M.D.

Dr. Catlett is our adult hip and knee reconstruction specialist. He focuses on primary, complex primary, and revision arthroplasty. He also performs an anterior muscle-sparing approach to hip surgery. 

Learn More About Dr. Catlett

E. Matthew Heinrich, M.D.

Dr. Heinrich specializes in total joint replacement. He uses minimally invasive techniques that yield effective results with a rapid recovery. He can also perform mini-incision hip and unicondylar knee replacements.

Learn More About Dr. Heinrich

Our Doctors Are at the Forefront of Hip and Knee Surgery Research

Drs. Heinrich and Dodgin collaborated to found the Texas Institute for Hip & Knee Surgery (TIHKS), a modern research institution focused on creating more effective treatments and replacement solutions for patients experiencing painful knee and hip problems. Being deeply involved in the orthopedic research world allows our doctors to supply you with the most up-to-date information and treatments for your unique needs.

To request a consultation and meet with one of our hip specialists at our Austin, Cedar Park, or Lakeway office, contact us online or call us today:

(512) 476-2830

"I would recommend them to anyone." Our Patients Leave Glowing Reviews


Loritta Bledsoe


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Dr. Catlett took the time to explain the process of hip replacement and the robotics used He made my daughter and I very comfortable and confident with the procedure my daughter and granddaughter also will be having surgeries by these drs I would recommend them to anyone

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Wendy Spencer


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Dr. Catlett is fantastic. Helped my Mother regain mobility by doing her desperately needed hip replacement surgery that other doctors told her would have to wait till she lost weight. He got her approved through her insurance and made it happen in less than a month....He is absolutely wonderful as a Surgeon and person!!

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Do Arthritis Patients Need Hip Replacement?

Our practice strives to help patients using the most conservative treatment methods available. If you have osteoarthritis or another form of arthritis in the hip, we won't immediately suggest hip surgery at the first mention of your symptoms. Our orthopedic specialists will follow this general treatment timeline:
Our orthopedic specialists always strive to provide the most conservative treatments possible.
Our orthopedic specialists always strive to provide the most conservative treatments possible.

Initial Treatment

Your initial treatment will be noninvasive and conservative. It may consist of rest, limiting weight-bearing exercises, and using anti-inflammatory medication to calm your symptoms. 

Continued Treatment

If your symptoms worsen, our doctors may recommend you walk with a knee brace or cane and perform physical therapy exercises.

Further Treatment

If the condition of your hip is not improving, our doctors may suggest a cortisol injection as a last conservative treatment measure before considering total hip replacement surgery.

Why Patients Trust Us For Hip Surgery

Board-Certified/Fellowship-Trained Surgeons

Our hip specialists are some of the most talented orthopedic surgeons in the country, let alone Texas. They all passed rigorous certification exams and have undergone years of specialized education and training that other surgeons have not.

Hip Surgery Experience

While other orthopedic practices have general surgeons who may do a few hip procedures a year, our skilled hip specialists often perform multiple hip replacement surgeries every week.

Conservative Outpatient Procedure

Your total hip replacement at our Austin, TX, practice will be done as an outpatient procedure using minimally invasive techniques and incisions that reduce scarring. As a result, the need for general anesthesia, risk of major blood loss, and trauma to hip muscle and tissues are decreased.

Home Recovery

Our cutting-edge techniques allow patients to go home for rest and rehabilitation instead of having to stay in a hospital.

Latest Technologies

Our practice features the latest diagnostic and arthroscopic surgical technologies in the field of orthopedics, including robot-assisted procedures.

Don't Let Hip Pain Slow You Down Request a Hip Surgery Consultation Today

Living with severe hip pain can seriously affect your quality of life. A total hip replacement by one of our board-certified specialists can restore your mobility and ability to perform daily tasks with comfort and ease.

A hip replacement is a major surgery, and you want to be sure you choose a trusted orthopedic surgeon to perform the procedure. At Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin, our hip replacement specialists are some of the few surgeons in Texas who use a minimally invasive technique to shorten recovery time and minimize postoperative pain. This means you can get back to doing what you love as quickly as possible.

Contact our Austin, TX, practice to request your consultation and learn more about how we perform minimally invasive hip replacements.

Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin office exterior

Helping the People of Austin, TX Restore Their Mobility


Edna Lynn Porter


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I've ha2surgeries Dr. Ebert - foot and ankle, and Dr. Catlett for hip replacement. Both great doctors and great surgeons. Very happy I went to them for those problems.

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Toni Pavlos


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Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin were great. I had a total left hip replacement. My team, Dr. Heinrich, Frank and Kim were all wonderful. I had lots of questions, which they patiently answered. I am 2 weeks from surgery - walking outside, driving and using a cane only. Life is good due to them! Also a shout out to Capital Home Health for physical therapy.

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What To Expect During a Hip Replacement

Our experienced orthopedic surgeons in Austin, TX, use a minimally invasive method that only requires small incisions rather than one large incision. This method helps reduce blood loss during surgery, results in less postoperative pain, reduces the appearance of scars, and allows for a quicker recovery.
By undergoing hip replacement surgery from a board-certified specialist, you can enjoy improved comfort and mobility for more than 20 years.
By undergoing hip replacement surgery from a board-certified specialist, you can enjoy improved comfort and mobility for more than 20 years.


It is important to create safe, wide-open spaces in your home prior to surgery to accommodate the use of a walker or crutches after the operation.


General anesthesia is used during this procedure to ensure you are comfortable during the entire operation. A local anesthetic is also administered to the treatment area to block the pain. 


Small incisions will be made in the treatment area, and the muscles attached to the top of your femur will be moved to access your hip joint. 


The ball portion of your hip joint will be removed by incising the femur. Your doctor will then prepare the joint by removing any damaged bone and cartilage in the area. They will leave as much healthy bone intact as possible.


Your artificial hip joint will be implanted to replace your damaged natural hip joint.


Once your hip replacement is complete, your doctor will reattach the muscles and suture your small incisions closed.


You'll recover in our office for a few hours before being escorted home by a friend or a loved one. Once you are partially healed, you can begin physical therapy.

Total Hip Replacement Recovery

Our Austin, TX, doctors will give you specific instructions regarding home care and physical therapy exercises to get yourself moving as soon as possible. In general, you will need to plan to:

Keep Your Incisions Clean

It is important to keep the incision site clean and to change your bandages as directed to prevent infection.

Manage Your Swelling

Ice packs and compression stockings can be used to reduce your swelling.

Take Prescribed Medication

Your doctor may prescribe you medications to reduce your pain or to fight infection. It is important to take these medications only as directed.

Stay Active

Walk as soon as you feel able, even just for short periods. This is the best way to improve muscle tone and flexibility. Once your doctor determines you are ready, try low-impact activities like bicycling and swimming.

Avoid High-Impact Activities

For most patients, full recovery after hip replacement surgery should take six to eight weeks, but it is best to avoid high-impact activities like running, basketball, and tennis for a longer period of time. Your doctor and physical therapist will let you know when resuming those types of activities are safe.

For more information on recovery after a hip replacement, check out our blog post.

Patients in the Austin Area Wouldn't Go Anywhere Else


Laura Naiser


Facebook logo

I'm a week and a half into my recovery from my total hip replacement. I am so excited to be pain free after years of debilitating hip pain. Dr. Heinrich and his team have been outstanding to work with. I just wish I had come to him earlier! I could have saved myself almost two years of terrible pain. The surgery center, pre-op education, and post-op experience has been fantastic. Was up and walking the afternoon of my procedure. Was in less pain in the days after my surgery than I was when I went into the surgery center. Amazing! 

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Amber Griffin


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Dr. Heinrich listened and had more imaging done and was able to determine that I needed a replacement Over a year and half later I am doing amazing and love this practice enough to refer my husband who hurt his leg and knee. Dr. Catlett is great and getting you in asap and addressing concerns and making sure that you are taken care of! I would not go anywhere else for my ortho needs.

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